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  Arches Watercolour papers
Specialty Handmade Indian Papers, Journals & Gift Items


  Arches Watercolour papers
Watercolour Papers, Pads & Blocks, Printmaking Paper
Art Spectrum   Art Spectrum oils, acrylics, inks and soft pastels
Oils, Acrylics, Drawing Inks, Soft Pastels, Colourfix Paper, Painting Mediums, Stretched Canvas' & Stretcher Frames
  Canson art paper
Multi Media Paper, Colorline Paper, Mountboard, Cartridge Paper, Bristol Board, Oil Sketch Pads/ Paper, Sketch Pads, Pastel Pads & Journals
Conte   Conte pastel pencils and compressed charcoal
Sketching Pencils, Crayons, Pastel Pencils and Compressed Charcoal
Faber Castell   Faber Castell pencils, erasers and sharpeners
Pencils, Erasers, Sharpeners
Langridge   Langridge varnishes and oil primers

Painting Mediums, Varnishes, Oil Primer, Refined/ Cold Pressed Linseed Oil, Rabbit Skin Glue, Solvents (odourless) & Sketchbooks

Visit www.langridgecolours.com for more information

Lukas   Lukas oils, watercolour and gouache
Oils, Watercolour and Gouache
Neef   Neef paint brushes
Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour Brushes, Books
Saunders and Waterford   Saunders and Waterford watercolour paper
Watercolour Papers
Sennelier   Sennelier oils, pastels, charcoal and varnishes

Oils, Watercolour, Soft Pastels, Oil Sticks, Charcoal, Drawing Inks, Varnishes & Mediums, Ink & Calligraphy Pads

Toison D'or   Toison D'or artists pastels
Artists Pastels
Golden Acrylics   Golden Acrylics

Heavy Body Acrylics, Fluid Acrylics, Mediums/Additives, Gessos/Grounds, Varnishes

Visit www.goldenpaints.com for more information

Mack Brushes Mack Brushes

Large range of brushes for the PBE Automotive Aftermarket, the Sign Industry and Brush needs in between

Visit www.mackbrush.com for full list of brushes

Cretacolour   Cretacolour

Fine Art Coloured Pencils & Pastel Pencils, Graphite pencils, Water-soluble graphite pencils & blocks, Oil Pencils, Charcoal Pencils, 'Cleos' Pencil Sets, 'Aqua Monolith' water-soluble pencils, 'Aqua Stic' water-soluble oil pastels, Water-based Fineliners, Erasers

Prismacolor Prismacolor pencils and markers

Coloured Pencils, Markers, Watercolour Pencils

Bruynzeel Sakura   Bruynzeel Sakura

Coloured Pencils, Pastel Pencils, Crayons, Pigma Micron Pens, Oil Pastels, Poster Colours, Caligraphy Pens, T-Shirt Markers

Derwent   Derwent pencils, pencil sets, drawing sets and visual diaries

'Coloursoft' & 'Artist' Coloured Pencils, Pastel Pencils, Tinted Charcoal Pencils, 'Inktense' Water-soluble Pencils, 'Graphitint' Water-soluble Tinted Graphite Pencils, Metallic Pencils, Charcoal - Drawing - Sketching Tin Sets, Pencil Wraps, Visual Diaries

ArtiTeq Hanging Systems   ArtiTeq Hanging Systems

Stylish, User-Friendly, State of the Art Hanging System for hanging artworks in your home or office

Visit www.artiteq.com for more information

    Carving Stone

Sculpting Stone for Beginner's & Advanced Sculptor's

- Soapstone & Serpentine -
Imported from Indian & Brazilian Quarries

Serpentine Available in a range of sizes – Small Pieces 3kg to 15kg &
Large Pieces 15kg to 50kg
Soapstone Available in a range of sizes – 1kg to 25kg